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Older Persons Information Hub

This Older Persons Information Hub has been developed and is maintained by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). It reports on the lives of Older Persons living in Ireland and provides a broad range of statistics profiling the older generation, their lived experiences and activities.

Looking at various statistics by age gives us a better understanding of intergenerational differences and also paints a picture of the everyday lives of Older Persons living in Ireland. The hub covers a broad range of topics – life events, to health, to housing and living conditions, and so many more facets of Irish life. This hub provides information across 14 themes and focuses on the most recent data available.

There are different ways of defining Older Persons, while public perception as to what constitutes being old can differ widely. Generally the statistics provided in this hub categorise Older Persons as those aged 65 years or more.

The statistics have been sourced from a variety of CSO publications and sources from across the government system. Links to the relevant publications are included throughout the Hub.