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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Foreign Nationals: PPSN Allocations, Employment and Social Welfare Activity


Year PPSN allocatedAllocations to foreign nationals aged 15 & overNumber with no employment activity 2012-2017Employment activity by year
201485,68736,738 6335,17037,91330,70326,835
201582,76730,860  5241,85641,61833,088
201694,96833,265   20151,91451,400
2017102,85045,374    9557,461

25.1% of foreign nationals assigned PPSNs in 2012 had employment activity in Ireland in 2017

Figure 1 Foreign Nationals: Employment Activity of PPSN Allocations in 2011
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Of the 63,992 foreign nationals aged 15 years and over who were assigned PPSNs (Personal Public Service Numbers) in 2012, 16,066 (25.1%) had employment activity at any time during 2017. See table 2.

This data is based upon an annual analysis of records of the Revenue Commissioners, the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection, and the CSO, based on foreign nationals who were allocated PPSNs during the period 2002-2017.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the term “activity” in this release means any PAYE employment or any engagement with the social welfare system.

The analysis also shows that:

  • Of the 102,850 foreign nationals aged 15 years and over who were allocated new PPSNs in 2017, 57,461 had employment activity during the year.  See table 2.
  • Employment activity was recorded in 2017 for 447,416 foreign nationals aged 15 years and over who received PPSNs in the period 2002–2017.  See table 4.
  • A total of 72,687 PPSN’s were allocated to foreign nationals in 2012, while in 2017 this number had risen to 116,331. Allocations to foreign national males in 2017 were 62,247 (53.5%), while female allocations were 54,084 (46.5%). Comparable figures for 2012 showed 37,277 (51.3%) male allocations and 35,410 (48.7%) female allocations.  See table 6.