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Date Last Updated: 02-04-2020

Survey Name:

Foreign Nationals: PPSN Allocations, Employment and Social Welfare Activity

Survey purpose:

The Foreign Nationals Annual release details the number of Personal Public Service Numbers (PPSN) that have been allocated to foreign nationals in Ireland each year.

Legislative Basis National:

Legislative Basis European:



Statistical Population:

Sampling Frame:

Not Applicable

Reference Area:

State Level

Time Coverage:


Base Period:

Not Applicable

Sector Coverage:

Employment Activity by Economic Sector, Nationality, Age and Sex

Survey Size:

Not Applicable

Principal Variables:

Number of Allocations of PPSN by Sex, Age, Nationality and Employment of Activity by Economic Sector

Principal External Users:

Government Departments, Economists, Researchers, International and National Media, General Public, etc.

Contact Organisation:

Central Statistics Office

Business Area:

Social & Demographic Statistics

Contact Person:

Catalina Gonzalez

Contact Person Function:


Other Business Area Specialists:

Martina O'Callaghan, Marie O'Connor, Sheila Bulman

Contact email:

Contact phone number:

(+353) 21 453 5000