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Trade with North America and Central America 2019

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Ireland’s trade with North and Central America is dominated by the USA, which accounted for €47 billion, or 93% of total exports to the region, and €14 billion, or 93% of total imports from the region in 2019. 

Exports of Organic chemicals and Medical and pharmaceutical products to the USA totalled €32 billion, which is over two-thirds of the total value of exports to the USA in 2019. Imports of aircraft accounted for €4.7 billion, or one-third of total imports from the USA in 2019.

Excluding the USA, exports to the region were almost €3.3 billion. Of the other countries in the region, Ireland’s biggest export partners in 2019 were Canada and Mexico, with exports to both of over €1.5 billion.

Imports from North and Central America, excluding the USA, were €1.1 billion, of which there were €560 million imports from Canada and €365 million from Mexico.

Percentage of Exports to North and Central America
Percentage of Imports from North and Central America 2019

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