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Imports of Clothing and Apparel 2019

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In 2019, Ireland imported just over €2 billion of clothing and apparel. Of this, €1.2 billion came from Asia, and €442 million came from the UK.

X-axis labelvalue of imports
Rest Of The World61.4094388910108
Table 9.1 Imports of clothing and apparel by region 2019
Region€ million% of total imports
Rest of World613
Note: The EU refers to the current EU28 member states, excluding the UK.
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Ireland imported 56 million ladies’ and girls’ t-shirts in 2019, with a total value of €193 million. Of these, almost 46 million, or €128 million came from Asia. 

There were also 31 million ladies’ and girls’ jumpers, 17 million ladies’ trousers and 7 million ladies’ dresses and skirts imported in 2019. Of these products, 23 million, 13 million and 4 million items respectively came from Asia. 

The largest import partners from Asia for clothing and apparel were China and Bangladesh. 

We imported 111 million items of clothing from China in 2019, at a value of €458 million, and 60 million items from Bangladesh worth €217 million.

Table 9.2 Imports of selected clothing and apparel 2019
ProductAsiaUKRest of WorldTotal
€millionNumber of units€millionNumber of units€millionNumber of units€millionNumber of units
Ladies' & Girls' jumpers16223,342,551554,693,700302,671,86724730,708,117
Ladies' & Girls' t-shirts12845,753,251426,054,194234,218,18319356,025,628
Ladies' & Girls' trousers8413,101,913201,943,637241,671,58012816,717,130
Ladies' & Girls' dresses624,177,507291,458,804301,460,5611227,096,872
Men's & Boys' trousers678,107,542252,300,938201,203,68211211,612,161
X-axis label€millionmillions of units
Ladies' jumpers162.20378647784723.3425512069878
Ladies' t-shirts127.59501195617745.7532511763769
Ladies' trousers84.296158272570113.101912949484
Ladies' dresses62.45112193421434.17750732134045
Men's trousers66.503930971968.10754212044679

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