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Trade Balance 2019

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Ireland’s biggest trading surplus in 2019 was with the USA. The value of exports was over three times the value of imports, giving a trading surplus of almost €33 billion with the USA. There was a surplus of €13.9 billion with Belgium, and a surplus of over €6 billion with Germany.

The largest trade deficit in 2019 was with France, with €5.4 billion of exports and €12.3 billion of imports recorded, giving a trading deficit of almost €7 billion. The deficit was largely due to imports of aircraft.

X-axis labelDeficitsurplus
South Korea-0.4211957933368110
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In 2019, Ireland exported €49.5 billion of Medical and pharmaceutical products, which represents 32% of total exports. There were €30 billion of exports of Organic chemicals.

€21 billion of imports of Aircraft were recorded in 2019, which is 24% of the total value of imports. This result is partly due to the activities of aircraft leasing companies located in Ireland.

X-axis labelexportimport
Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials04.31658378450126
Organic chemicals04.81408961127714
Office machines and automatic data processing machines (including computers)05.21130757091975
Medical and pharmaceutical products07.14277338106451
Other transport equipment (including aircraft)021.4704568341819
Miscellaneous manufactured articles nes7.445763310787890
Essential oils; perfume materials; toilet and cleansing preparations7.896790537585360
Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances nes and parts8.421238903568020
Organic chemicals30.04389558127980
Medical and pharmaceutical products49.52146632981830
Table 3.1 Top five exports and imports by product 2019
Exports€million% of total exports
54Medical and pharmaceutical products49,52132
51Organic chemicals30,04420
77Electrical machinery, apparatus and appliances nes and parts8,4216
55Essential oils; perfume materials; toilet and cleansing preparations7,8975
89Miscellaneous manufactured articles nes7,4465
Imports€million% of total imports
79Other transport equipment (including aircraft)21,47024
54Medical and pharmaceutical products7,1438
75Office machines and automatic data processing machines (including computers)5,2116
51Organic chemicals4,8145
33Petroleum, petroleum products and related materials4,3175

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