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Trade with Asia 2019

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In 2019, Ireland exported €17.4 billion to Asia. Of this, 47% of the total, or €8.2 billion went to China. Over €5.7 billion of Machinery and transport equipment was exported to China, which represents three-quarters of the total exports of these products to Asia. There were exports of €2.8 billion to Japan, including €1.5 billion of Chemicals and related products. Hong Kong, Turkey and Saudi Arabia were the next largest export partners in 2019.

Table 6.1 Exports to Asia by product 2019
ProductChinaJapanHong KongTurkeySaudi ArabiaRest of AsiaTotal
Food and live animals71111715749816101,726
Beverages and tobacco7102422347
Crude materials, inedible, except fuels40828261121
Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials1000134
Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes4000027
Chemicals and related products1,3791,5371124513771,7275,583
Manufactured goods classified chiefly by material182869248112
Machinery and transport equipment5,7112412141021471,2937,707
Miscellaneous manufactured articles35788320129215752,066
Commodities and transactions not classified elsewhere0000033
Pecentage of exports
Saudi Arabia3.64922699576422
Hong Kong3.9871832905869
Rest of Asia25.0077967659354
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Imports from Asia in 2019 were €12.3 billion, and over 40% (€5.1 billion) of that came from China. Of this amount, €2.5 billion was Machinery and Equipment.  Machinery and Equipment comprised almost half of all imports from Asia at just over €6 billion. There were €1.2 billion of imports from Japan and €1 billion from Malaysia, while South Korea and Turkey were the next largest import markets.

Table 6.2 Imports from Asia by product 2019
ProductChinaJapanMalaysiaSouth KoreaTurkeyRest of AsiaTotal
Food and live animals54312113149232
Beverages and tobacco1000013
Crude materials, inedible, except fuels2811182161
Mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials000007878
Animal and vegetable oils, fats and waxes005000253
Chemicals and related products38735012159406231,570
Manufactured goods classified chiefly by material5234718401522861,066
Machinery and transport equipment2,5386547966532881,1256,053
Miscellaneous manufactured articles1,49698108971591,0813,039
Commodities and transactions not classified elsewhere741843523128
Percentage of Imports
South Korea7.76903522566673
Rest of Asia27.5944967099154

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