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This confidential survey will help to shape policies and services to deal with sexual abuse in Ireland

This survey has now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated in this important survey.

The results of the survey can be found under Sexual Violence Survey

What is this survey?

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) applied the name of Safety of the Person to the Sexual Violence Survey. This survey was delivered under a different name to protect the confidentiality of respondents and followed best practise for such sensitive surveys.  It was a sensitive survey, which aimed to assess the prevalence of a range of unwanted sexual experiences that a person may or may not have had in their lifetime, including sexual harassment, stalking and other types of sexual abuse.

The last time Ireland had national data on this important societal issue was 2002 when the Sexual Abuse and Violence in Ireland (SAVI) report was published. Responding to a Government request, the CSO began the data collection for this survey in mid-May 2022 and it continued until December 2022.

Further material on the survey including supporting documentation can be found on the Sexual Violence Survey Development webpage.

Any questions on the operation of the survey can be sent to

Why is the survey important?

Data from this survey will assist government departments, agencies and others in developing policies and services to deal with sexual harassment, stalking and other types of sexual abuse in the country.