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The average weekly household expenditure on food in 2016 was €123.  How do we know this? Because you told us.

The information you give us means we can create a very accurate picture of Ireland, our lives, our economy, our health and our happiness.

What is the Household Budget Survey?

The Household Budget Survey (HBS) is a voluntary household survey carried out by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and is part of an EU-wide programme. It is one of the most important economic surveys in Ireland and the information collected in this survey is essential for a wide variety of purposes. The results of this survey determine whether the economic circumstances and spending patterns of households are changing over time.

Why is the Household Budget Survey important?

One of the most important purposes of the survey is to ensure that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) continues to be based on up-to-date household expenditure patterns. The CPI is the official measure of inflation and plays a crucial role in wage negotiations, economic planning, determination of the levels of Social Welfare payments/benefits, etc.

We depend on your information, so if you are asked to take part in the Household Budget Survey, please do.

Further information on the Household Budget Survey