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We know how many people are at risk of poverty in our nation, because you told us.

The information you give us means we can create a very accurate picture of Ireland, our lives, our economy, our health and our happiness.

The Survey on Income & Living Conditions (SILC) covers a broad range of social issues, and is conducted every year since 2004 as part of an EU-wide programme.

It is the official source of data on living conditions, household and individual income in Ireland and gives us a number of key national poverty indicators, including the ‘at risk of poverty’ rate, the ‘consistent poverty rate’ and ‘rates of enforced deprivation’.

You told us – why is that important?

We can tell how many people and households are at risk of poverty, accurately, because you told us. The facts we get directly from you through SILC help local, national and European policy makers when making decisions on social inclusion, education, health, employment and other areas of concern.

In particular the survey helps to monitor progress in the fight against poverty. Specialist research bodies, such as the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) and Social Justice Ireland can see what is happening and make proposals for policy improvements.

So, if you are asked to take part in one of our surveys, please do.

of us have felt discriminated against by race, unemployment or age
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