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69% of households own their main residence (with or without mortgage). How do we know this? Because you told us.

The information you give us means we can create a very accurate picture of Ireland, our lives and our economy.

What is the Household Finance and Consumption Survey?

The Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS) is a voluntary household survey carried out by the Central Statistics Office. It is part of an EU-wide programme and has been undertaken by the CSO previously in 2013 and 2018.

The purpose of the HFCS is to gather information on household economic well-being in Ireland.

Why is the Household Finance and Consumption Survey important?

The statistics we produce are used by our National government to make policy decisions and to plan for our futures.

The HFCS tells us if there are differences between household assets and liabilities (e.g. negative equity). The HFCS also tells us about the types and levels of debt taken on by households (e.g. home equity, credit card debt, etc.) and what factors influence household debt. Specialist research bodies, such as the Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI) can see what is happening and make proposals for policy improvements.

We depend on your information, so if you are asked to take part in the HFCS, please do.

of households have a ļ¬nancial asset such as savings, shares or a pension

Further information on the HFCS