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Home Smart Technology

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In 2019, respondents were asked if they used smart technology, specific to the home, i.e., if they use the internet to interact with household equipment or appliances that are connected to the internet (such as control of heating, control of lights and other building/apartment maintenance systems; household appliances e.g. oven, washing machine, robot vacuum cleaner; security systems e.g. locks, alarms, security cameras). One eighth (12%) of internet users stated that they use home smart technology, with 15% of persons whose principal economic status was At work, using home smart technology in the three months prior to interview, compared with 8% of individuals whose principal economic status was Unemployed, Home duties or Retired. See Table 11.1 and Figure 11.1.

Table 11.1 Individuals who used smart technology in the home in the last 3 months, 2019

Use home smart technology12
Do not use home smart technology88

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