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Terms of Reference

Meeting 1 - "TranSG, Dublin" - 30th March 2010

Meeting 2 - "TranSG, Dublin" - 12th July 2011

Meeting 3 - "TranSG, Dublin" - 19th September 2013

Meeting 4 - "TranSG, Dublin" - 21st June 2016

Meeting 5 - "TranSG, Dublin" - 16th May 2018

Meeting 6 - "TranSG, Zoom" - 1st December 2020

Meeting 7 - "TranSG, Dublin" - 31st January 2023 

Meeting 8 - "TransSG, Teams" - 27th April 2023





Co-Chairman:   Donal Kelly, Head of Agriculture, Tourism & Transport Statistics, CSO

Sorcha O'Callaghan, Head of Data & Analytics, Department of Transport

Secretary:         Nele van der Wielen, Statistician, CSO

The Transport Statistics Liaison Group was established in March 2010 with the broad aim of improving communications with our key stakeholders, both users and data respondents. The group will play an important role in helping to set national priorities for transport statistics.

Transport Statistics Liaison Group Membership

Current Members

Donal Kelly, Head of Agriculture, Tourism & Transport Statisitics, CSO
Sorcha O'Callaghan, Head of Data & Analytics, DoT
Nele van der Wielen, Transport, CSO
Gavin Kelly, Transport, CSO
Noreen Dorgan, Transport, CSO
Gerry Brady, Environment, CSO
Maureen Delamere, Social Statistics, CSO
Niamh Shanahan, Environment, CSO
Noreen Leahy, Transport, CSO
Claire Finn - Department of Transport (DoT)
Barbara Curtin - Department of Transport (DoT)
Aisling Holohan - Department of Transport (DoT)
Naoise Grisewood - Department of Transport (DoT)
Robert Swan  - Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland, (DoT / ZEVI)
Barry Colleary - National Transport Authority (NTA)
David Conlon - National Transport Authority (NTA)
Deborah John - National Transport Authority (NTA)
Peadar O'Súilleabháin - National Transport Authority (NTA)
Damien Fahy - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Dan Brennan - Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)
Daniel Fallon Bailey – Irish Marine Development Organisation (IMDO)
Sharon Heffernan - Road Safety Authority (RSA)
Paul Deane - Road Safety Authority (RSA)
Eleanor Mathews - (CCAC Secretariat)

Transport Statistics Group (TranSG) - Terms of Reference


The Transport Statistics Group (TranSG) will play an important role in assessing the needs and priorities of key national users of transport statistics. The group will also facilitate the effective exchange of information on all areas of transport statistics between the main compilers and users of these statistics.


The role of the Group shall be to:

1. Advise on the transport statistics required to support national and regional policy needs;

2. Examine and make recommendations on all quality aspects of transport statistical outputs, such as timeliness, relevancy, consistency, formats, future plans etc;

3. Promote best practice in the compilation of transport statistics;

4. Investigate alternative sources for transport statistics;

5. Provide and share information on progress regarding all transport surveys/data projects and other relevant issues relating to transport statistics;

6. Consider other statistical and measurement issues as necessary.

Membership and Organisation

The CSO and DTTAS will be responsible for organising meetings and co-chairing the Group.

The agenda will be open and all members of the group are invited to suggest items for discussion and contribute papers, presentations or other research. Membership of the Group may be extended (permanently or temporarily) if necessary, depending on the subject being discussed, to include other representatives or organisations.

Frequency of Meetings

TranSG shall meet once each year. More frequent meetings may be held if the need arises.