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Transport Hub

This Transport Statistics Hub has been developed by the CSO to serve as a one-stop shop for Transport data in Ireland.

The purpose of the Hub is to collate transport statistics from CSO and other public sector organisations, including the Department of Transport (DoT), the Road Safety Authority, the National Transport Authority (NTA), Revenue, and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). The Hub is designed to simplify the process of accessing transportation-related information from a single, accessible source.

The Hub encompasses a wide range of transportation-related information, from licensed vehicles and driving tests to vehicle testing, road lengths, road safety, the transportation of goods by land, air, and sea, public transportation, private transportation, and vehicle kilometres travelled.

Data on the Hub is updated regularly and the sources for the data presented are acknowledged. We thank all data providers for their support.

Please note: The CSO is not responsible for the quality of data from the external sources.