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Appendix – Methodology

Appendix – Methodology

CSO Frontier Series Research Paper

CSO statistical publication, , 11am
Frontier Series Output

CSO Frontier Series outputs may use new methods which are under development and/or data sources which may be incomplete, for example new administrative data sources. Particular care must be taken when interpreting the statistics in this release.
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The estimated inflation figures in this report are CPI-consistent. That is, they take the data from HBS 2015/16 and make it consistent with annually updated CPI weights. An explanation of how this works is in the methodology document linked below.

This methodology document also explains how equivalised income decile groups are assigned. The methodology was developed for the March 2022 report and remains unchanged for this report.

See Methodology of Estimated Inflation by Household Characteristic, March 2022 (PDF 235KB)