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Ireland exported €141 billion of goods in 2018 and imported €92 billion.

We exported over €39 billion of goods to the USA in 2018, our largest export market. We imported €17 billion from the USA in 2018.

Imports from the UK were €20 billion in 2018, our largest import partner.

Food exports to the UK in 2018 were €4.8 billion accounting for 43% of total food exports. Nearly half of our food imports came from the UK, at a value of €3.7 billion. 

Ireland exported almost €800 million of cheese, milk and butter to the UK in 2018, one-third of our total exports of these products. More than three-quarters of our imports of these products came from the UK, valued at €480 million.

Ireland exported over €1 billion of bovine meat to the UK in 2018 and imported €100 million. This accounted for 52% of our total exports and 90% of our total imports of bovine meat.

Ireland exported over €400 million of cereals to the UK in 2018, representing over 90% of total exports of this product. Almost 80% of all our exports of fruit and vegetables went to the UK, but only 8% of our seafood were exported to the UK in 2018.

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