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CSO statistical publication, , 11am

SILC data 2020 to 2022 was revised on 7 March 2024 due to changes made to weights, reflecting updated household population benchmarks, because of the availability of Census 2022 data.
The data in Survey on Income and Living Conditions (SILC): Enforced Deprivation 2022 was published on 23 November 2022 and does not reflect these revisions. For the most up to date deprivation data, which reflect revised population benchmarks from Census revisions, please see SILC Enforced Deprivation 2023 or PxStat.

In SILC, weights are applied to the data to ensure the results are reflective of the population as a whole. In 2022, the SILC Enforced Deprivation publication was released early, before the income data was fully processed, to provide more timely statistics on households. Following the processing of the income data and coherence checks with administrative data sources, the weights used for SILC 2022 data have been refined. Adjustments were made in the non-response process and the calibration boundaries, reducing the variance of the weights and improving the accuracy of the estimates. As a result, estimates contained in the SILC 2022 Enforced Deprivation publication have been revised. Please see the information note which compares published and revised results.

Table 7.1 Sample size by demographic characteristics and year
  Number of households Number of individuals
  202020212022 202020212022
State4,2434,8464,660 10,68312,29111,393
Male1,8972,3532,310 5,1795,9705,570
Female2,3462,4932,350 5,5046,3215,823
Age group1
 0-17100 2,6492,8122,545
 18-34307205197 1,5091,7001,416
 35-491,2591,3491,255 2,2912,4732,316
 50-641,2401,5661,561 2,0302,6502,566
 65+1,4361,7261,647 2,2042,6562,550
Principal Economic Status (aged 16 years and over)1
 Employed2,0492,4012,492 4,1084,7914,848
 Unemployed15221775 334471177
 Retired1,2531,4531,492 1,9062,2212,261
 Unable to work due to long-standing health problems288311224 482535404
 Student, pupil312527 708969818
 Fulfilling domestic tasks391369303 664735567
Highest education level attained (aged 16 years and over)1
Primary or below569652501 9191,056819
Lower secondary509605469 1,1661,5431,239
Higher secondary629791703 1,7082,1911,853
Post leaving cert 476620504 8651,112901
Third level non degree518419442 877677720
 Third level degree or above1,5191,7302,026 2,7303,1473,576
Household composition
 1 adult aged 65+675751728 675751728
 1 adult aged <65550613638 550613638
 2 adults, at least 1 aged 65+753909895 1,5051,8181,790
 2 adults, both aged <65511542586 1,0121,0801,172
 3 or more adults430608519 1,4782,1061,767
 1 adult with children aged under 18158151128 439409351
 2 adults with 1-3 children aged under 18828861850 3,2823,4153,371
 Other households with children aged under 18338411316 1,7422,0991,576
Number of persons at work in the household
 01,6861,8771,663 2,8083,1102,639
 11,2361,4421,392 3,0483,5603,082
 21,1381,2811,406 4,0294,5914,872
3+183246199 7981,030800
Tenure status
 Owner-occupied3,2853,9933,934 8,25810,2789,769
 Rented or rent free958853726 2,4252,0131,624
Urban/rural location
 Urban areas2,6062,9483,019 6,5937,3927,324
 Rural areas1,6371,8981,641 4,0904,8994,069
 Northern and Western778861719 1,8522,1201,695
 Southern1,5751,7831,720 3,8354,3774,066
 Eastern and Midland1,8902,2022,221 4,9965,7945,632
1Sex, age group, Principal Economic Status and highest education level attained refers to that of the head of household.