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Table of contents

  1. National
    1. Population by county
    2. Population density by region
    3. Town size by region
    4. Age by county
    5. Age dependency ratios by region
    6. Males per 100 females by region
    7. Living arrangements by region
    8. Living alone by age and county
    9. Social class by county
  2. Poverty & health
    1. At risk of poverty rate by region
    2. Consistent poverty rate by region
    3. Life expectancy at birth and age 65 by region
    4. Total period fertility rate by county
    5. Age-standardised discharge rates by selected principal diagnosis and region
    6. Standardised death rates by cause and region
    7. Persons with a disability by age group and county
    8. Carers by hours of unpaid work and county
    9. Medical cards by age group
    10. Perception of health status by region
    11. Prevalence of drinking alcohol and frequency of drinking 6 or more units of alcohol in one sitting by region
    12. Mortality rates due to road traffic accidents by county
    13. Suicide mortality rate by county
    14. Fair Deal scheme participants by county
  3. Education & inequality
    1. Full-time education status of persons aged 15-24 by region
    2. Higher level of education completed by region
    3. Age at which full-time education ceased by region
    4. Primary schools, pupils and teachers by county
    5. Secondary schools and pupils by county
    6. Leaving certificate candidates by sex and county
    7. Third-level students by type of college and county
    8. Nationality by county
    9. Proportion of managers, directors and senior officials who are female by region
    10. Proportion of local government seats held by women by county
    11. Number of third-level grants awarded by county
  4. Environment
    1. Private households by type of central heating by county
    2. Compliant drinking water schemes by county
    3. Blue flag beaches by county
    4. Installation of energy saving products by private households in last 10 years
  5. Economy & employment
    1. Disposable income per person by county
    2. Gross value added at basic prices by region
    3. Gross value added by sector and region
    4. Annual % change in GDP per employed person at current market prices by region
    5. Annual % change in GDP per person at current market prices by region
    6. Employment by broad economic sector and region
    7. Employment rates by sex and region
    8. Unemployment rates by sex and region
    9. Long term unemployment rates by region
    10. Travel by Irish residents by region
    11. Means of travel to work by region
    12. Time taken to travel to work by region
    13. Time leaving home to go to work by region
    14. Drivers with current penalty points by licensing authority
    15. Persons aged 15-24 neither in employment nor in education and training (NEET rate) by region
    16. Road freight activity by region
  6. Sustainabilty
    1. Housing stock and vacancy rates by county
    2. Dwellings by construction period and region
    3. Average weekly rent in private rented households by county
    4. Type of accommodation by county
    5. Nature of occupancy type by county
    6. New Dwelling completions by county
    7. Mean sale price of residential dwellings by county
    8. Air quality by station
    9. Household waste by county
    10. Vehicle registrations by taxation class licensing authority by region
    11. Private car registrations by licensing authority by county
  7. Justice
    1. Divorce and Judicial Separation applicaitons to the Circuit Court by county
    2. Referendum results to repeal the 8th amendment by constituency
    3. Affect of anti-social behaviour on persons aged 18 and over
    4. Private households with a PC by county
    5. Private households with broadband access by county

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