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Savings and Investment

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The Savings and Investment Tables (tables 9 to 12) have been redesigned to align them with European System of Accounts (ESA 2010) definitions. Most items in the previous tables 9 to 12 are found in similar positions in the new tables. Some items have been replaced by conceptually similar statistics that are aligned to ESA definitions.

For more information on the changes please see here.

We have also produced tables 9 to 12 on the same basis as last year and these can be found here National Income and Expenditure 2017 Tables 9-12 Previous Method (XLS 73KB) .

Table 9 Household Income and Expenditure

Table 10 Current Income and Expenditure of Central and Local Government

Table 11 Savings and Capital Formation

Table 12 Distribution of Household Income and its relationship to Net National Product at Factor Cost

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