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International Trade

International Trade

Net Exports fell by 40.9% (€21.4 bn) in Q3 2022

Online ISSN: 2009-5775
CSO statistical publication, , 11am
Table 4.1 Exports and Imports, Q3 20221
 Amount €mQuarterly % change
Exports of Goods90,1934.7
Exports of Services77,2084.8
Imports of Goods34,6467.5
Imports of Services101,89635.4
Net Exports30,860 
1Constant Market Prices, chain linked annually and referenced to year 2020 and seasonally adjusted.

Total Exports increased by 4.8% in Q3 2022 compared with Q2 2022 while Total Imports grew at a faster rate of 27.0% which meant that overall net exports for the quarter were 40.9% lower in Q3 compared with Q2 or €21.4 billion lower in money terms quarter-on-quarter. See International Accounts for more detail on current price data.

Exports (Goods)Exports (Services)Imports (Goods)Imports (Services)Net Exports
Q1 202057.36535002561.817350132-25.182897443-117.33218697-23.332384256
Q2 202057.45972598956.678322255-22.090427332-56.18626707535.861353837
Q3 202062.42195087361.523878792-24.958226369-59.51632651539.471276781
Q4 202065.40688205674.187945358-27.64045541-92.52324656419.43112544
Q1 202169.84479868864.147653803-25.164560885-59.44090703249.386984574
Q2 202172.19463051469.260825759-26.304710042-65.65329153849.497454693
Q3 202171.68648891372.564097964-26.046543723-69.71077717148.493265983
Q4 202172.53944855974.071327586-26.692948032-91.21228895828.705539155
Q1 202278.68928544976.070691733-29.33856889-72.21797592453.203432368
Q2 202286.13816859573.638786148-32.241488845-75.27615713452.259308764
Q3 202290.19341007777.208273209-34.645681357-101.8961008530.859901079

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Table 4.2 Trade Summary: Quarterly Breakdown of Trade into Goods/Services at Current and Constant Prices1

Table 4.3 Seasonally Adjusted (SA) Trade Summary: Quarterly Breakdown of Trade into Goods/Services at SA Current and SA Constant Prices1