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Compensation of Employees

Compensation of Employees

An increase in Compensation of Employees by 1% in Q3 2022

Online ISSN: 2009-5775
CSO statistical publication, , 11am
Table 7.1 Compensation of Employees by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector of Origin, Q3 20221
 Amount €mQuarterly % change
Public Admin, Education and Health8,6971.7
Distribution, Transport, Hotels and Restaurants5,6581.3
Professional, Admin and Support Services4,3061.2
Industry (excl. Construction)4,240-0.8
Information and Communication3,0970.7
Financial and Insurance Activities2,3671.9
Arts, Entertainment and Other Services634-0.2
Real Estate Activities267-0.3
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing2201.1
1Current Market Prices, seasonally adjusted.

The third quarter of 2022 sees Compensation of Employees increase by 7.4% compared to corresponding period of the previous year. All sectors experienced growth this quarter compared to the corresponding period. Largest increase can be seen in Arts, Entertainment and Other Services (12.7%) and Information and Communication (12.6%).

Column1Q3 2022Q2 2022
Public Admin, Education and Health8.696866565483858.54744024461244
Distribution, Transport, Hotels and Restaurants5.658054902078375.582834464573
Industry (excl. Construction)4.240139187203494.2750705774059
Professional, Admin and Support Services4.305961257152624.25416665933193
Information and Communication3.097145205197653.07505432149708
Financial and Insurance Activities2.36700701512742.32392047391706
Arts, Entertainment and Other Services0.6340977600891070.635338363469095
Real Estate Activities0.2666350789970340.267426028641506
Agriculture Forestry and Fishing0.2202226812235250.217912258427486

On a seasonally adjusted basis, total Compensation of Employees increased by 1% this quarter compared to the previous quarter. Most sectors experienced an increase this quarter. Largest increase in growth quarter on quarter can be seen in Financial and Insurance Activities (1.9%). Manufacturing had the largest decrease of 1.4% this quarter compared to the previous.

Q1 20198.3236332245216.58093506316
Q2 20197.9217524964617.2470695691
Q3 20197.7693172159817.09930191653
Q4 20198.174033363417.86402905458
Q1 20209.1329550235417.3407344602
Q2 20208.1032883948315.20132462598
Q3 20208.0246784542116.56292599403
Q4 20208.7999891742518.15231802388
Q1 20219.3743247167916.6938347268
Q2 20219.1246059160218.14449022112
Q3 20218.8639277562219.34230592225
Q4 20219.6121844871520.04096121507
Q1 202211.136577567618.90315111123
Q2 202210.6819332364519.89678413434
Q3 202210.3235172516619.96111238784

The Employment Wage Subsidy table has been replaced with a table that looks at Compensation of Employees split between foreign and domestic enterprises.

In the third quarter of 2022, just under 66% of total Compensation of Employees comes from domestic enterprises leaving just over 34% coming from foreign enterprises.

Table 7.2 Compensation of Employees1 by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector2 of Origin at Current Market Prices

Table 7.3 Compensation of Employees1 by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector2 of Origin at Current Market Prices - Seasonally Adjusted

Table 7.4 Breakdown of Compensation of Employees by Foreign and Domestic Enterprises