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GDP by Sector

GDP by Sector

Increase of 1.8% in GDP (seasonally adjusted) in Quarter 2

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CSO statistical publication, , 11am
Table 2.1 Gross Domestic Product1 by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector of Origin, Q2 20222
 Amount €mQuarterly % change
Industry (excl. Construction)45,2265.0
Information and Communication20,0834.9
Professional, Admin and Support Services10,647-0.3
Public Admin, Education and Health9,5831.1
Distribution, Transport, Hotels and Restaurants8,5541.5
Real Estate Activities5,9151.2
Financial and Insurance Activities4,955-0.4
Arts, Entertainment and Other Services1,02010.5
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing876-0.3
Gross Domestic Product115,7701.8
1Series is not additive, Taxes less Subsidies on Products not shown in table (see Table 2.5 for full detail).
2Constant Market Prices, chain linked annually and referenced to year 2020, seasonally adjusted.

The MNE dominated Industry (excluding Construction) sector recorded strong growth in Q2 compared with the previous quarter, an increase of 5.0%. The Information & Communication sector, also predominantly driven by MNE activity, grew by 4.9% in the quarter. The Arts & Entertainment sector rose by 10.5% quarter-on-quarter while the domestically facing Construction sector increased by 2.7% over the period compared with Q1 2022. The domestically dominated Distribution, Transport, Hotels & Restaurants sector increased by 1.5% in Q2 2022 while Real Estate and Public Administration, Education & Health grew by 1.2% & 1.1% respectively in the quarter. Finance & Insurance recorded a decline of 0.4% while both the Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing sector and the Professional & Administrative services sector posted modest declines of 0.3% over the same period. (See Table 2.5).

Column1Q2 2022Q1 2022
Industry (excl. Construction)45.22648987843.086470276
Information and Communication20.08256129719.149671312
Professional, Admin and Support Services10.64662392310.676640218
Public Admin, Education and Health9.5829096649.481595178
Distribution, Transport, Hotels and Restaurants8.5541412118.427449494
Real Estate Activities5.9154756395.847015043
Financial and Insurance Activities4.95494474.974182156
Arts, Entertainment and Other Services1.0196339020.922515184
Agriculture Forestry and Fishing0.8764890190.879384797

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Column1Q2 2022
Financial & Insurance Activities-0.386746110147873
Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing-0.329295890704384
Professional, Admin & Support Services-0.281139894078253
Public Admin, Education & Health1.06853840622809
Real Estate Activities1.17086403056137
Distribution, Transport, Hotels & Restaurants1.50332217464133
Information & Communication4.87157178732052
Industry (excl. Construction)4.96680184821738
Arts, Entertainment & Other Services10.5276010286244
Agriculture, Forestry & FishingIndustry (excl. Construction)ConstructionDistribution, Transport, Hotels & RestaurantsInformation & CommunicationFinancial & Insurance ActivitiesReal Estate ActivitiesProfessional, Admin & Support ServicesPublic Admin, Education & HealthArts, Entertainment & Other Services
Q1 2020100100100100100100100100100100
Q2 202098.962998645612103.35840745097469.460739116651959.162992537796192.670621736218595.463480283592993.663701597926497.959816015614591.535339645185462.7638115912178
Q3 202095.1022463140292107.12222461424989.124493540941384.7445249345554122.21398312580593.267740245243296.4538677305721101.94569223818397.235572875743464.6428130303141
Q4 202097.9328550746498113.02401979484495.101932804368783.49788652558399.426594528425196.7414396607927101.476450529677101.72185906621797.377178380806166.281705477218
Q1 202197.2546058200403124.95345001160875.036169902991977.4817861188142115.458657721837111.069192392325102.54734202188398.055061321886398.251239281537566.6013538050485
Q2 202189.5967245920329123.06207900616685.18859098154184.3302424715063117.569734573567110.436608072623103.985205994563100.36640371693699.033570453360770.4133738146107
Q3 2021111.647024786247137.1136945916188.9916179625487.837621493059120.590774440972113.011633756734104.961652092854101.850631056513100.16094360314775.3477354933671
Q4 202194.9747486923874128.02035843712193.322995357901190.1785123527253131.676200504311116.771267936956106.054187697937103.736832065492100.48207618515285.134400435294
Q1 202299.2827118914094138.23559007848797.102321323558989.4666441914918132.069927038961119.799465831962107.572226625224106.278430452473100.66889915975977.5560506448699
Q2 202298.9557780009712145.10147792139999.75616552084990.81161609253138.503808344126119.336146057879108.831751133653105.979639385671101.74458501040885.7208422303196

Comparisons with Q2 2021
Preliminary estimates for the second quarter of 2022 indicate that there was an increase of 11.1% in GDP in real terms in Q2 2022 compared with Q2 2021. The MNE-dominated Industry (excluding Construction) and Information & Communication sectors both increased by 17.8% in Q2 compared with the equivalent quarter of 2021. Of the domestic based sectors, Construction exhibited an increase of 19.1% compared with the same quarter of 2021 while the Arts & Entertainment sector rose by 21.9% year-on-year. The Distribution, Transport, Hotels & Restaurants sector posted an increase of 8.1% in Q2 2022 with Financial & Insurance activities rising by 7.9% year-on-year. Year-on-year increases were also recorded in Agriculture (7.7%), the Professional & Administrative Services sector (5.3%), Real Estate activities (4.8%), and Public Administration, Education & Health (2.8%). (See Table 2.3)

Table 2.2 Gross Domestic Product by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector1 of Origin and Gross National Product at Current Market Price

Table 2.3 Gross Domestic Product by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector1 of Origin and Gross National Product at Constant Market Prices (Chain linked annually and referenced to year 2020)2

Table 2.4 Gross Domestic Product by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector1 of Origin and Gross National Product at Current Market Prices - Seasonally Adjusted

Table 2.5 Gross Domestic Product by Nace Rev. 2 A10 Sector1 of Origin and Gross National Product at Constant Market Prices (Chain linked annually and referenced to year 2020)2 - Seasonally Adjusted

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