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Road Freight Transport Survey

The CSO produces annual estimates of road freight activity for goods vehicles registered in Ireland using a survey which is conducted on a weekly basis throughout the year. The survey collects information on the weight and type of goods carried (in tonnes) and the quantity of work done (given in tonne kilometres) for each vehicle. An annual publication provides key results and analysis of road freight trends, along with a series of detailed tables.

Statistics of Port Traffic

Information on maritime traffic that passes through each port in Ireland is collected by the CSO and published on an annual basis. The data is compiled from returns made by harbour commissioners, port companies and other harbours. The annual release highlights the number of arrivals at each port in a given year, together with the size of the vessels. The inquiry also compiles details on the weight and category of goods carried, the type of traffic, and the region of trade for each port.

Aviation Statistics

The data in the annual aviation release provides details on the number of passengers and flights classified by arrivals and departures in all Irish airports each year.  It breaks down the data by reference to national and international traffic and covers both scheduled and non-scheduled flights. It also provides information on air freight and mail (in tonnes). The release also highlights the top routes for each of the five main airports: Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Knock and Kerry.

Vehicles Licensed for the First Time

Details of the number of vehicles licensed in Ireland are published on a monthly basis by the CSO. The release contains information on the number of private cars, goods vehicles, motor cycles and other vehicles licensed for the first time. For private cars it further breaks down the data by make, emissions category and fuel type. Data is compared to the same month in previous years as well as providing a cumulative count for each calendar year.

Transport Omnibus

The transport omnibus was published annually by the CSO up to 2021. The Omnibus has been replaced byt the Transport Statistics Hub.

Transport Statistics Hub

The Transport Statistics Hub has been developed by the CSO to serve as a one-stop shop for Transport data in Ireland. The purpose of the Hub is to collate transport statistics from CSO and other public sector organisations, including the Department of Transport (DoT), the Road Safety Authority, the National Transport Authority (NTA), Revenue, and Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). The Hub is designed to simplify the process of accessing transportation-related information from a single, accessible source.

The Hub encompasses a wide range of transportation-related information, from licensed vehicles and driving tests to vehicle testing, road lengths, road safety, the transportation of goods by land, air, and sea, public transportation, private transportation, and vehicle kilometres travelled.

The publication also provides data on road lengths, road freight, and road traffic volumes. Aviation data, public transport data (including rail), maritime data and small public service vehicle data are also included in this publication.

Transport Dashboard

The Transport Dashboard provides users with faster access to transport data using a small set of indicators. These include the timeliest data on new private cars licensed, fuel excise clearances, road fatalities, public transport journeys, traffic volumes, the number of ship arrivals, and the number of passengers handled by the main airports. Each indicator on the Transport Dashboard will be updated as soon as new data is available, providing users with the fastest access to transport statistics.