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11th December, 2009

Government decision on census date and questions

The Government at its meeting held on 11 December 2009 decided that the 2011 census will take place on Sunday 10 April 2011. The Government also decided on questions to be included on the Census 2011 household form.


22nd September, 2009

Population and Migration Estimate April 2009

The Population and Migration Estimates, April 2009, was published on the 22nd September 2009. The report provides estimates of the population for April 2009 as well as estimated immigration and emigration in the year to April 2009. Estimates are also provided for immigration, emigration and total population for 2004 to 2008. This release also contains a new table on emigration by nationality which is being published for the year 2006 onwards.


16th July, 2009

Coding error - social care workers

An error has been detected in the occupation coding of social care workers in the 2006 Census. Persons who recorded their occupation as 'social care worker' were incorrectly coded as 'Social workers and probation officers'. These persons should have been coded as 'Matrons, houseparents, welfare, community and youth workers'.


3rd July, 2009

Error in coding of persons with Korean nationality

Table 1 of the report "Non-Irish Nationals Living in Ireland" incorrectly distinguished South Korea in the 51-100 size category and North Korea in the 101-1,000 size category. The numbers involved were 102 and 425, respectively.

However, following re-examination of the 527 responses, it is clear that a coding error took place during the processing of the 2006 census forms. The amended figures are 122 persons who indicated a South Korean nationality and 405 persons who indicated a Korean nationality with no further indication as to whether it was South Korean or North Korean.

Accordingly South Korea should continue to be shown in 51-200 category, North Korea should be deleted from the 201-1,000 category and substituted by "Korea, not otherwise specified".


30th April, 2009

Profile of Working Population of Large Towns

This report profiles Ireland's largest centres of employment. It covers 27 towns and cities, each with a working population in excess of 5,000 persons in April 2006, and focuses on the principal characteristics of the relevant workers including their commuting patterns, the industrial sectors in which they worked and their educational and socio-economic characteristics.


19th April, 2009

Census Pilot Survey 2009

The CSO is carrying out a Census Pilot Survey on 19 April 2009.

The purpose of the Pilot is to test new questions and methods in advance of the next full Census in 2011. The Pilot is very valuable – what we learn from it will be used to help us decide on questions, methods and other aspects of the 2011 Census.