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Non-Irish Nationals Living in Ireland.

Census 2006 Non-Irish Nationals living in Ireland, was published on 30 June 2008. The report, which is in two parts, gives an overview of the total non-Irish population comparing their characteristics with those of the resident Irish population, and follows this with an in-depth profile of the ten largest nationality groups. These profiles illustrate the diversity that existed among Ireland's non-Irish nationals and highlights the differences among the various groups in their location of residence, their living arrangements, educational attainment and choice of occupation. Using thematic maps, summary tables and graphs throughout, the report presents the geographic, demographic and economic characteristics of these groups.

Error in coding of persons with Korean nationality 

Table 1 of the report "Non-Irish Nationals Living in Ireland" incorrectly distinguished South Korea in the 51-100 size category and North Korea in the 101-1,000 size category. The numbers involved were 102 and 425, respectively.

However, following re-examination of the 527 responses, it is clear that a coding error took place during the processing of the 2006 census forms. The amended figures are 122 persons who indicated a South Korean nationality and 405 persons who indicated a Korean nationality with no further indication as to whether it was South Korean or North Korean.

Accordingly South Korea should continue to be shown in 51-200 category, North Korea should be deleted from the 201-1,000 category and substituted by "Korea, not otherwise specified".