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  • Arranging On-Site Appointments

  • Researchers will contact the Researcher Coordination Unit (RCU) by email ( at least one business-day in advance to book on-site appointments between the hours of 9:15 and 16:30. Only researchers with a scheduled appointment may be allowed onsite. RCU will maintain a Booking Register. Only researchers with an appointment in the Booking Register will be allowed on-site.RCU will notify the relevant Statistician by email in advance of the scheduled appointment.

    On arrival, the researcher will present to CSO Reception. The Service Officer will verify the identity of the researcher by checking their photographic identification. Valid forms of photographic ID are: Passport (or passport card), driving licence, Public Services Card (PSC), employer ID, or university student ID. Photo identification should be confirmed each day the researcher comes on-site. Only those with valid forms of identification may be allowed on-site.

    The researcher must sign in using the CSO Visitor Book and be issued a visitor badge and lanyard. The Service Officer will request the researcher to place any electronic recording equipment (mobile phone(s), tablet, etc.) into a bag to be provided by the Service Officer. This bag will remain at CSO Reception. Researchers will not be permitted to bring electronic recording equipment beyond the reception area. In Cork, the Service Officer will notify the statistician of the arrival of the researcher. The statistician or nominated point of contact will escort the researcher to the Researchers Room (GE14). In Dublin, the Service Officer will notify RCU of the arrival of the researcher. A member of RCU will escort the researcher to the Researchers Room. The researcher must leave their desk clear when leaving the office. Any notes not approved to be removed from the office by the data custodian must be destroyed.

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