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CSO statistical release, , 11am

International Trade in Services


      € million
ExportsImportsNet  ExportsImportsNet
2019 2020
Total230,153335,716-105,563 244,071305,968-61,897
  of which:       
    USA35,83658,217-22,381 33,007107,062-74,055
    UK35,34621,29614,050 35,11920,25114,868
    Germany16,5175,24711,270 17,4245,95111,473
Netherlands7,34230,284-22,942 10,6679,2531,414

Service deficit of €62bn in 2020

Figure 1 Services by Region
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Total service exports increased by €13.9bn from €230.2bn in 2019 to €244.1bn in 2020. Total service imports decreased by €29.7bn from €335.7bn in 2019 to €306bn in 2020. The increase in service exports was principally due to increased computer service exports (+€15.7bn) while the decrease in service imports was predominantly due to decreased R&D service imports related to Intellectual Property (IP) (-€36.6bn). As a result, the service deficit moved from €105.6bn in 2019 to €61.9bn in 2020. US, UK, Germany and the Netherlands remain Ireland’s most significant trading partners.

Computer services exports at €134.2bn remains the largest export category and accounted for 55 per cent of total service exports in 2020. R&D service imports, at €104.2bn, along with Royalties/Licences imports at €84.4bn, were the largest import categories. When combined, these two import categories accounted for 61.6 per cent of total service imports in 2020 (see Table 1).