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CSO statistical release, , 11am

International Trade in Services


 € million
 ExportsImportsNet  ExportsImportsNet
 2017 2018
Total161,831205,323-43,492 180,077185,647-5,570
  of which:       
    UK26,27915,08711,192 28,28217,83210,450
    USA17,71347,461-29,748 20,90847,125-26,217
    Germany11,4033,3928,011 13,4754,4349,041
    Netherlands4,96522,509-17,544 5,87125,814-19,943

Service deficit of €5.6bn in 2018

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Total service exports increased by €18.2bn from €161.8bn in 2017 to €180.1bn in 2018. Total service imports decreased by €19.7bn from €205.3bn in 2017 to €185.6bn in 2018. The increase in service exports was principally due to increased computer service exports (+€18.1bn) while the decrease in service imports was predominantly due to decreased R&D service imports related to Intellectual Property (IP) (-€32.3bn). As a result, the services deficit moved from €43.5bn in 2017 to €5.6bn in 2018. UK, US, Germany and the Netherlands remain Ireland’s most significant trading partners.

Computer services exports at €86.2bn remains the largest export category and accounted for 47.9% of total service exports in 2018. Other business services imports, the residual import category, at €72.2bn, along with royalties/licences imports at €72.2bn, were the largest import categories. When combined, these two import categories accounted for 77.7% of total service imports in 2018 (see Table 1).