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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Crops and Livestock Survey June Provisional Estimates

June 2020

   Total Cereals  Cattle 
     '000 hectares(ha)  
June 2019267.77208.6 
June 2020263.77314.4 
% change-1.51.5 

Area under cereals down 1.5% in June 2020

Figure 1 Percentage Change in Selected Items June 2019-2020
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Preliminary estimates for June 2020 show that the area under cereals decreased by 3,900 hectares (ha) (-1.5%) to 263,700 ha when compared to June 2019. 

The area under oats increased by 1,200 ha to 25,000 ha while the area under wheat decreased by 17,100 ha to 46,400 ha. The area under barley increased by 12,000 ha to 191,400 ha.

The June 2020 results also show that:

  • The area under winter wheat decreased by 24,700 ha (-41.4%) to 35,000 ha. The area under spring wheat increased by 7,600 ha (+200.5%) to 11,400 ha. See Table 1.
  • The area under winter oats decreased by 8,400 ha (-50.8%) to 8,200 ha. The area under spring oats increased by 9,600 ha (+133.1%) to 16,800 ha. See Table 1.
  • The area under winter barley decreased by 31,800 ha (-38.4%) to 51,000 ha. The area under spring barley decreased by 43,800 ha (+45.4%) to 140,400 ha. See Table 1.
  • The area under potatoes decreased by 100 (ha) to 8,600 ha. See Table 1.

The total cattle numbers increased by 105,800 (+1.5%) to 7,314,400. The number of other cows dropped by 16,500 (-1.6%), while the number of dairy cows was up by 62,900 (+4.2%). The total number of cattle less than 2 years increased by 109,100 (+5.4%). See Table 2.

Bull Data Revisions

The CSO has changed the data source for bull data from DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine) to the ICBF (Irish Cattle Breeding Federation). This new data has been used to revise bull figures for the period of 2010-2019 and will be used from 2020 onwards. Changes to the bulls category will also result in changes to the male cattle 1-2 years and the male cattle 2+ years category.