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Regional Accounts for Agriculture


RegionNet SubsidiesOperating SurplusNet Subsidies as a % of Operating Surplus
Border, Midland and Western670.3857.878.1
Mid-East and Dublin127.8276.346.3
Southern and Eastern818.31,641.449.9
State 1,488.62,499.259.6

Net Subsidies accounted for 59.6% of Agricultural income

Regional Accounts for Agriculture 2014 Figure 1
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In 2014, net subsidies accounted for 59.6% of agricultural income (operating surplus) at State level. In the Border, Midland and Western region, net subsidies accounted for 78.1% of agricultural income, while in the Southern and Eastern region net subsidies accounted for 49.9% of agricultural income. See above table, graph and Table 3.

An analysis of agriculture in the regions in the year 2014 shows that:

  •  The Southern and Eastern region produced 58.7% of national cattle output.
  •  80% of milk output came from the Southern and Eastern region. 
  •  Just over 80% of national cereal output came from the Southern and Eastern region. 
  •  Just over half (54%) of national sheep output and just under half (47.8%) of national pig output came from the Border, Midland and Western region.


Operating surplus34.321657815733165.678342184267
Net Subsidies45.030283011269354.9697169887307
Intermediate consumption36.652962782717263.3470372172828
Goods output at producer prices34.773774941051565.2262250589485
Number of Farms*52.824967824967847.1750321750322
Agricultural area*44.197710715269155.8022892847309
Table 1 Regional Agricultural Accounts at Nuts 2 level 2013-2014
ItemBorder, Midland and WesternSouthern and EasternState
20132014 20132014 20132014
Livestock1,371.11,334.1 1,780.31,730.3 3,151.53,064.4
of which:        
cattle895.7831.7 1,256.11,180.6 2,151.82,012.3
pigs225.0225.4 250.7245.9 475.7471.3
sheep110.3126.8 93.4106.0 203.8232.8
Livestock products439.9455.2 1,693.71,697.7 2,133.62,152.9
of which:        
milk400.5417.2 1,672.91,676.3 2,073.42,093.4
Crops773.1644.8 1,332.01,137.8 2,105.11,782.6
of which:        
cereals56.555.2 233.0225.3 289.6280.5
root crops43.423.1 121.164.5 164.587.6
forage plants511.0392.0 784.3647.2 1,295.31,039.3
Goods output at producer prices2,584.12,434.1 4,806.04,565.7 7,390.16,999.8
Contract work123.2119.0 242.5242.9 365.8361.9
Subsidies on products less taxes on products-12.1-4.6 -28.3-29.6 -40.5-34.2
Agricultural output at basic prices2,695.22,548.5 5,020.24,779.0 7,715.47,327.5
Intermediate consumption2,133.81,882.1 3,563.03,252.9 5,696.85,135.0
of which:        
feedingstuffs668.2562.2 942.4759.8 1,610.71,322.0
fertilisers189.9166.9 424.1398.7 613.9565.6
 financial intermediation services indirectly measured19.017.2 31.429.3 50.346.5
energy and lubricants174.7172.8 277.9277.4 452.6450.2
forage plants508.2390.1 780.8644.5 1,289.01,034.5
contract work123.2119.0 242.5242.9 365.8361.9
Gross value added at basic prices561.4666.4 1,457.21,526.1 2,018.62,192.4
Fixed capital consumption264.9270.2 438.0459.0 702.9729.2
Net value added at basic prices296.5396.2 1,019.21,067.0 1,315.71,463.2
Other subsidies less taxes on production689.2674.9 867.8847.9 1,557.01,522.9
Factor income985.71,071.1 1,887.01,915.0 2,872.72,986.1
Compensation of employees211.4213.4 271.1273.6 482.5486.9
 Operating surplus 1774.3857.8 1,615.91,641.4 2,390.22,499.2
1 This is calculated before deduction of interest payments on borrowed capital and land rental paid by farmers to landowners.
Table 2 Regional Agricultural Accounts at NUTS 3 level 2014
ItemLivestockLivestock ProductsCropsGoods Output at Producer PricesIntermediate ConsumptionGross Value Added at basic pricesNet Subsidies 1Operating Surplus
Value €m544.7216.3299.31,060.3798.3301.0248.0352.2
% of State total17.810.016.815.115.513.716.714.1
Value €m374.6142.9163.6681.1558.5154.3147.6140.1
% of State total12.
Value €m414.896.0181.9692.6525.3211.0274.7365.4
% of State total13.54.510.29.910.29.618.514.6
Border, Midland and Western (value €m)1,334.1455.2644.82,434.11,882.1666.4670.3857.8
Mid-East and Dublin        
Value €m296.2168.9334.9800.0515.5316.6127.8276.3
% of State total9.77.818.811.410.014.48.611.1
Value €m371.2325.6144.9841.7651.2230.1214.6339.1
% of State total12.
Value €m540.1478.0395.91,414.01,090.7401.7212.8378.2
% of State total17.622.
Value €m522.8725.1262.11,510.0995.6577.7263.1647.8
% of State total17.133.714.721.619.426.417.725.9
Southern and Eastern (value €m)1,730.31,697.71,137.84,565.73,252.91,526.1818.31,641.4
State (value €m)3,064.42,152.91,782.66,999.85,135.02,192.41,488.62,499.2
1 Net subsidies: Subsidies on products less taxes on products plus subsidies on production less taxes on production.
Table 3 Net Subsidies1 and Operating Surplus by Region€m
Net subsidies 275.3250.6248.0
Operating surplus317.6304.5352.2
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus86.782.370.4
Net subsidies 163.0154.2147.6
Operating surplus142.1129.4140.1
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus114.7119.2105.3
Net subsidies 297.6272.2274.7
Operating surplus366.6340.4365.4
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus81.280.075.2
Border, Midland and Western   
Net subsidies 735.9677.0670.3
Operating surplus826.3774.3857.8
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus89.187.478.1
Mid-East and Dublin   
Net subsidies 137.0128.5127.8
Operating surplus245.8301.3276.3
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus55.742.646.3
Net subsidies 239.5220.9214.6
Operating surplus340.4348.5339.1
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus70.363.463.3
Net subsidies 244.2222.0212.8
Operating surplus362.6379.9378.2
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus67.358.456.3
Net subsidies 297.6268.2263.1
Operating surplus519.8586.3647.8
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus57.245.740.6
Southern and Eastern   
Net subsidies 918.2839.5818.3
Operating surplus1,468.71,615.91,641.4
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus62.551.949.9
Net subsidies 1,654.11,516.51,488.6
Operating surplus2,295.02,390.22,499.2
Net subsidies as a % of operating surplus72.163.459.6
1 Net subsidies: Subsidies on products less taxes on products plus subsidies on production less taxes on production.

Background Notes

About this Release             

The Regional Accounts for Agriculture release provides a regional breakdown of figures already published at State level in the Output, Input and Income in Agriculture – Final Estimate releaseBoth publications are prepared using similar methodology and definitions of the accounts items, which are described in the Background Notes of the Output, Input and Income in Agriculture release.  

In the absence of the actual regional value data, the values of output and input accounts items at State level are apportioned to each region using a set of appropriate allocators. Derived variables, such as Gross Value Added at Basic Prices (GVA) or Operating Surplus are then calculated separately for each region. For example,

GVA at basic prices = Agricultural Output at basic prices – Intermediate consumption

Operating Surplus =    GVA at basic prices – Compensation of employees 

                              –  Fixed capital consumption 

                              + Other subsidies less taxes on production

The choice of allocator used to distribute State values to the regions varies for each accounts item. For example, for cattle output the allocator is total number of cattle less the number of dairy cows in each region, for pigs and sheep output it is the number of pigs and sheep in June of the reference year, for milk output it is the number of dairy cows multiplied by the average output per cow in the region etc.

Most of the items of intermediate consumption, such as expenditure on fertilisers, crop protection products, energy and lubricants, maintenance and repair, veterinary expenses and expenditure on other goods and services, are allocated based on the average expenditures per farm in each region, as measured by the National Farm Survey conducted annually by Teagasc.

Due to the indirect nature of the methodology described above more reliance should be placed on the changes between the years rather than on the absolute value of the figures for any one year.

The regional results presented in this release relate to each region as a whole. Thus the regional values of the account items, including operating surplus, are not necessarily spread uniformly throughout the region.


Methodological Changes

A number of methodological changes have been introduced with this release, which may have an impact on the distribution of country totals across the regions. In particular, the allocators used for certain items were revised and updated. The release also incorporates methodological changes in calculating the State totals introduced in the Output, Input and Income in Agriculture 2014 - Final Estimate. The results for reference years 2010 - 2013 have been revised accordingly.



The regional classifications in this release are based on the NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics) classification used by Eurostat. The NUTS 3 regions correspond to the eight Regional Authorities established under the Local Government Act, 1991 (Regional Authorities) (Establishment) Order, 1993, which came into operation on 1 January 1994. The NUTS 2 regions are groupings of the NUTS 3 regions. The composition of the regions is set out below.


Border, Midland and Western NUTS 2 Region

Border                                      Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Louth, Monaghan and Sligo

Midland                                     Laois, Longford, Offaly and Westmeath

West                                         Galway City, Galway, Mayo and Roscommon


Southern and Eastern NUTS 2 Region

Dublin                                        Dublin City, Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin

Mid-East                                     Kildare, Meath and Wicklow

Mid-West                                    Clare, Limerick City, Limerick and North Tipperary

South-East                                 Carlow, Kilkenny, South Tipperary, Waterford City, Waterford and Wexford                  

South-West                                Cork City, Cork and Kerry

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