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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Regional Accounts for Agriculture


Operating Surplus201820192020
Dublin & Mid-East330.2317.7361.9
State 2,823.02,924.83,262.8

At 22.2%, the Midland region had the largest growth in agricultural operating surplus in 2020

Regional Accounts for Agriculture 2020 Figure 1
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At the State level, livestock, milk and crops accounted for 40.3%, 30.9% and 21.8% respectively of the total value of agricultural output at basic prices. Net subsidies (i.e. subsidies on products less taxes on products) accounted for 1.1% of the value of agricultural output at basic prices.

The value of agricultural output at basic prices increased by 4.6% (+€391.8m) in 2020. The value of livestock rose by 6.5% (+€219.4m), with prices accounting for 3.5% of this growth. Cattle prices rose by 5.3% and volumes grew by 1.4% resulting in the overall value of cattle increasing by 6.8% (+€146.6m). With an 11.1% rise in prices, the value of sheep increased by 16.3% (+€42.5m). Milk production rose by 5.5% (+€144.1m) due to the combined impact of stronger milk prices (+1.6%) and higher volumes (+3.9%). Even though prices increased by 7.6%, the value of cereals fell by 11.5% (-€37.7m) due to output volumes contracting by 16.5%. Despite this, the overall value of crop production rose by 2.6% (+€49.3m) due to the large increase in the value of forage plants (+9.3%, +€97.5m).

There was only a marginal change in intermediate consumption costs (+0.3%, +€17.6m). While some costs increased, most notably forage plants (+9.6%, +€100.3m) and maintenance and repairs (+10.1%, +€49.3m), other costs fell. Expenditure on energy and lubricants contracted by 12.2% (-€53.8m) while the cost of fertilisers contracted by 8.0% (-€46.0m). The net impact of these and other changes was an increase of 11.6% (+€337.9m) in agricultural operating surplus. (See Table 1)