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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Regional Accounts for Agriculture


Operating Surplus201720182019
Dublin & Mid-East378.5372.3352.3
State 3,422.02,944.53,055.2

The Border region had the strongest recovery in agricultural operating surplus in 2019

Regional Accounts for Agriculture 2019 Figure 1
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On a national basis, operating surplus for the agricultural sector increased by €110.7m (+3.8%) in 2019, a recovery of 23.2% of the €477.5m decrease experienced in 2018. This was primarily the result of reduced intermediate consumption costs during 2019 rather than output growth.
The drought of 2018 had a significant impact on crop producers, with substantial price increases resulting from lower output volumes and increased demand. When these price increases were largely reversed in 2019, the overall impact on crop producers was reduced output values. The most notable exception to this was cereal production, where the return to more suitable weather conditions resulted in output growth that significantly outweighed the impact of reduced prices. The reduction in crop prices combined with improved weather conditions had a positive impact on livestock and milk producers who profited from the reduced cost of their two main inputs, namely forage plants and feedingstuffs.