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Fuel, Vehicles and Safety

In February 2023 the number of Luas and bus journeys exceeded pre-pandemic figures

CSO statistical publication, , 11am

Fuel Excise Clearances

Source: Office of the Revenue Commissioners

At 73 million litres, clearances of petrol in January 2023 were 10% higher than in January 2022, but were 7% lower than in January 2020. At 275 million litres, clearances of autodiesel in January 2023 were 4% higher than in January 2022 and were 8% lower than in January 2020.

More detailed information can be found in the full release: Fuel Excise Clearances January 2023

Statistics on the volume of fuel clearances covered by excise taxes are collected by the Revenue Commissioners. Clearances reflect the excise duties paid on oil removed from tax warehouses. This data provides a proxy for sales and the associated level of consumption, but they do not reflect actual consumption.

Figure 2.1 Fuel excise clearances, 2019 to 2022
Table 2.1 Monthly excise clearances of autodiesel and unleaded petrol, 2019 to 2022

Vehicles Licensed

Source: Department of Transport

There were 13,284 new private cars and 3,986 used (imported) private cars licensed in February 2023. Compared with February 2022, there was a decrease of 3% for new private cars and an increase of 1% for used private cars.

See full release: Vehicles licensed for the first time February 2023

Figure 2.2 Number of new and secondhand private cars licensed, January 2019 to 2023

Road Fatalities

Source: Road Safety Authority

There were 13 fatalities on Irish roads in February 2023, the same number of fatalities occured for February 2022. 

Note: Data is provisional.

Table 2.2 Number of road fatalities per month, 2019 to 2023

Additional Data

More detailed statistics can be found under “Data”.

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