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Household Finance & Consumption Survey

The Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS), carried out in 2018, is a household survey that collects detailed information on household assets and liabilities. As well as other indicators, the survey measures household net wealth by region and tenure status. It also measures net wealth decile thresholds which give an indication of the amount of net wealth required to be in the top or bottom ten percent of households in terms of wealth. Statistics on the inter-generational transfer of wealth are also included.  


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Median Net Wealth

The median net wealth value, (defined as gross wealth less debt), is obtained by arranging all households in ascending order from the smallest to the largest value and then selecting the middle value.

Household Median net wealth

 Net Wealth Thresholds


The net wealth decile groups are ten equal-sized groups of households, each group containing 10% of households. The first (bottom) decile contains the tenth of households with the lowest net household wealth, whereas the tenth (top) decile contains the tenth of households with the highest net household wealth.

Net wealth threshold of the top 10%
Net wealth threshold of the bottom 10%
Table 10.1 Net wealth decile threshold limits, 2018
Net Wealth Decile1st 2nd 3rd 4th5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Net Wealth Threshold (€,000)<1<11<56<115<178<251<338<499<827>827
Source: CSO


Net Wealth by Region

Household median net wealth is highest in the Eastern & Midlands region at €205,600, compared to €187,500 in the Southern region and €139,900 in the Northern & Western region.

Net Wealth by Tenure Status

Median net wealth for owner occupied households is €287,800, significantly higher than the €6,500 value for rented households.

Net wealth of owner occupied households
Net wealth of rented or rent free households
Table 10.2 Gross and net wealth by demographic and household characteristics
 Median gross wealthMean gross wealthMedian net wealthMean net wealthShare of total net wealth
Northern and Western175.1293.8139.9259.313.1
Eastern and Midland291.8487.2205.6402.654.9
Household Composition
1 adult aged 65+200.8325.8200.7324.611.4
1 adult aged <65119.7259.073.7222.28.5
2 adults, at least 1 aged 65+333.6547.1330.4528.417.2
2 adults, both aged <65226.3377.9150.1321.613.5
3 or more adults303.9523.8263.1485.015.7
1 adult with children aged under 1813.2111.
2 adults with 1-3 children aged under 18268.2420.6136.8310.118.4
Other households with children aged under 18342.2720.2255.2537.914.3
Age of Reference Person
Under 3517.5126.414.688.53.8
Tenure Status
Rented or rent free9.158.46.548.34.2
Source: CSO
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One in ten (10%) households in the first decile said they had never received a substantial gift or inheritance, compared to almost 67% of households in the top decile.

Property and another substantial asset were received by 6.9% of households in the top decile, an additional 29.4% received property only and just over 30% received a substantial asset that was not property (e.g. money).

% of households that received non-property only% of households that received property and non-property% of households that received property only

Interactive tables: StatBank

Link to publication: Household Finance and Consumption Survey


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