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Introduction to Report


SDG 3.1.1 Maternal Mortality Ratio

SDG 3.1.2 Proportion of Births Attended by Skilled Health Personnel

SDG 3.2.1 Under-Five Mortality Rate 

SDG 3.2.2 Neonatal Mortality Rate

Communicable Diseases

SDG 3.3 COVID-19 Communicable Disease

SDG 3.3.1 Number of New HIV Infections per 1,000 Uninfected Population

SDG 3.3.2 Tuberculosis Incidence

SDG 3.3.3 Malaria Incidence

SDG 3.3.4 Hepatitis B Incidence

SDG 3.3.5 Number of People Requiring Interventions Against Neglected Tropical Diseases

Premature Mortality

SDG 3.4.1 Mortality Rate Attributed to Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes or Chronic Respiratory Disease

SDG 3.4.2 Suicide Mortality Rate  

SDG 3.5.1 Coverage of Treatment Interventions (Pharmacological, Psychosocial and Rehabilitation and Aftercare Services) for Substance Use Disorders 

SDG 3.5.2 Harmful Use of Alcohol, Defined According to the National Context as Alcohol per Capita Consumption (Aged 15 Years and Older) Within a Calendar Year in Litres of Pure Alcohol

SDG 3.6.1 Death Rate Due to Road Traffic Injuries

Health Care 

SDG 3.7.1 Proportion of Women of Reproductive Age (Aged 15-49 Years) Who Have Their Need for Family Planning Satisfied with Modern Methods

SDG 3.7.2 Adolescent Birth Rate (Aged 10-14 Years; Aged 15-19 Years) per 1,000 Women in that Age Group

SDG 3.8.1 Coverage of Essential Health Services

SDG 3.8.2 Proportion of Population with Large Household Expenditures on Health


SDG 3.9.1 Mortality Rate Attributed to Household and Ambient Air Pollution

SDG 3.9.2 Mortality Rate Attributed to Unsafe Water, Unsafe Sanitation and Lack of Hygiene

SDG 3.9.3 Mortality Rate Attributed to Unintentional Poisoning

Health Infrastructure

SDG 3.a.1 Age-Standardized Prevalence of Current Tobacco Use Among Persons Aged 15 Years and Older

SDG 3.b.1 Proportion of the Target Population Covered by all Vaccines Included in Their National Programme 

SDG 3.b.2 Total Net Official Development Assistance to Medical Research and Basic Health Sectors

SDG 3.b.3 Proportion of Health Facilities that have a Core Set of Relevant Essential Medicines Available and Affordable on a Sustainable Basis

SDG 3.c.1 Health Worker Density and Distribution

SDG 3.d.1 International Health Regulations (IHR) Capacity and Health Emergency Preparedness

Background Notes

Data Sources


SDG Policy Map