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Shared Economy

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Respondents were asked if they had arranged any accommodation or transport service online (via website or app) in the three months prior to interview. Over one third (35%) of internet users said that they had arranged accommodation (such as a room, apartment, house, holiday cottage, etc.) from commercial accommodation providers such as hotels or travel agencies, while one in ten (10%) had arranged accommodation via website or app with a private person, such as AIRBNB.

One third (33%) of persons had arranged a transport service online via website or app from a transport enterprise, while 4% had arranged transport online (via website or app) with a private person (such as  UBER, HAILO, social networks such as Facebook, etc.). See Table 5.1 and Figure 5.1.

Note that respondents could choose more than one option.

Show Table: Table 5.1 Individuals who used any website or app to arrange accommodation or transport service for private use in the last 3 months, 2020

X-axis labelFrom enterprises such as hotels or travel agenciesFrom a private person
Rented accomodation via a website or app for private use3533
Bought any transport service via a website or app for private use104

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