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As part of the Government COVID-19 emergency measures put in place in March, public offices remained open for essential services only, with public sector workers asked to work remotely where possible. This survey collected data over the first two quarters of 2020, when public offices were largely closed.   Respondents were asked about the type of e-Government service that they accessed online. Over five in ten (53%) internet users obtained information from public authorities’/public services’ websites or apps, an increase of three percentage points on 2019. Downloading/printing of official forms and submitting of official forms also increased. Half (50%) of internet users reported downloading/printed official forms (an increase of two percentage points on 2019), while 63% submitted forms online, up three percentage points on 2019 figures. Note that more than one option could be selected by respondents See Table 4.1 and Figure 4.1.

Table 4.1 Individuals' contact over the internet with public authorities and public services in the last 12 months, 2019 and 2020

Respondents who did not submit completed official forms online, were asked for their reasons for not doing so. By far the most common reason was that Did not have to submit official forms at all, with 61% giving this as a reason for not availing of this e-Government service, compared with 49% in 2019. One in twenty (5%) had Concerns about protection/security of personal data, and a further 5% said that a Lack of skills or knowledge prevented them from availing of this service. See Table 4.2 and Figure 4.2.

Table 4.2 Individuals who did not submit completed official forms online by their reasons for not doing so, 2019 and 2020

Reasons for not completing official forms online20192020
Did not have to submit official forms at all4961
No such website service available12
Lack of skills or knowledge105
Concerns about protection/ security of personal data65
Another person did it on my behalf246
Other reason157

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