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Owner occupiers with a mortgage had highest income

Households who were owner occupiers with a mortgage had the highest median income at €68,149 in 2016, see Figure 2.1.

Households renting from a local authority had the lowest median income at €25,202, compared to households renting from a private landlord, who had a median income of €41,695. 

Owner occupiers, where the house is owned outright, had a median income of €37,733. Most pensioners fall into this category.

Household median gross income
Local authority rental25201.775
Own outright37732.76
Private rental41695
Own with mortgage/loan68149

Rent burden highest in South Dublin 

Average rent was 33.3% of household disposable income for tenants in South Dublin, the highest proportion in the country, while the lowest was 21.1% in Longford, see Figure 2.1 below. These proportions can be compared to the State average, which was 29.0% in 2016, see Table 2.1.

Household disposable income is defined as household gross income less taxes and social insurance. The information on rents paid was sourced from the Residential Tenancy Board (RTB). See Background and Methodology for more details.

Further details for Electoral Divisions where there are at least 20 properties with active tenancies in the RTB dataset in 2016 are provided in Map 2.2. This analysis shows that affordability not only depends on levels of rent but also on disposable income of tenants.

Show Table: Table 2.1: Average rent as a % of household disposable income of tenants by county, 2016

Map 2.2 Average rent as a % of household disposable income of tenants by ED, 2016

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