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Dual Nationalities

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Place of birth of dual Irish nationals

The number of persons with a dual Irish nationality almost doubled to 104,784 in Census 2016 from 55,905 in 2011. Persons may identify as having a dual nationality based on what citizenship they hold, where they were born, where they live or where their parents are from. In the case of dual Irish nationals 66,440 persons or 63.4 per cent were born abroad. However this ratio varied depending on which other nationality they identified as.

Figure 3.1 shows dual Irish nationalities with which 1,000 or more persons identified. Of these Irish-UK nationals were most likely to be born abroad at nearly 86 per cent. Over 80 per cent of Irish-Filipino, Irish-Indian and Irish-South African nationals were born abroad. Irish Canadians and Irish-Australians were most evenly split between persons born in Ireland and born abroad.

Persons from EU countries other than the UK and Romania who identify as dual Irish were most likely by born in Ireland.

Born elsewhereBorn in Ireland
Irish-South African1589327

Interactive table: StatBank Link E7047

It's a Fact

  • 11,393 - The number of Polish nationals who were born in Ireland
  • 10,449 – The number of Irish nationals who were born in the Philippines

Dual Irish nationals by age and sex

The largest cohort of dual Irish nationals were under the age of 15 followed by persons in their 40s. There were 3,318 more females who identified as dual Irish than males. This varied by age however with more dual Irish boys and young men age 24 and under but fewer men than women in their 30s and 40s.

The age profile of the four largest dual nationalities can be seen in Figure 3.2. Over 70 per cent Irish-Polish nationals were under the age of 15 compared with just 14.1 per cent of Irish-UK national. 

The age population pyramid of different demographics can be seen by clicking on the options below:

Interactive table: StatBank Link E7013