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Labour Market

  • Monthly Unemployment: The COVID-19 adjusted unemployment rate for April 2021 was 22.4% for all persons including those on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP)
  • Live Register: Total number of persons on the Live Register or receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment decreased by 9.9% to 556,273 over the month to April 2021
  • Labour Force Survey: Fall of 6.6 million hours worked per week in Q4 2020 due to absences from work highlights the continued adverse effects of COVID-19 on the Labour Market
  • COVID-19 crisis impacts Earnings and Labour Costs estimates for Q1 2021
  • Labour Market Insight Series
  • Impact of Selected COVID-19 Income Supports on Employees - Insights from Real Time Administrative Sources, Series 2
  • COVID-19 Income Supports - An Analysis of Recipients