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  • Business Impact of COVID-19 Survey: More than 96% of enterprises trading in some capacity
  • Quarterly increase of 0.9% in industrial production
  • Annual Manufacturing Prices decrease by 7.0% in April
  • Seasonally adjusted goods trade surplus falls in March
  • ATM withdrawals increased significantly to €410 million in the week before Christmas before falling dramatically during the last week of December.
  • Volume of Retail Sales Increased by 7.4% in April 2021
  • Prices rise by 1.7% in the year to May 2021
  • Residential property prices (houses and apartments) increased by 3.7% nationally in the year to March.
  • Business Signs of Life: Number of enterprises availing of COVID-19 income support in January 2021 is the highest since June 2020
  • More than 70% of responding SMEs reported a decrease in turnover in 2020 compared to 2019
  • Information Note on Implications of COVID-19 on the Census Of Agriculture 2020
  • Information Note on Implications of COVID-19 on the Annual Services Inquiry 2020