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Who are the respondents?

The CIP and PRODCOM/ Irish Industrial Production by Sector panel is made up of all firms with three or more employees whose main activity is mining, manufacturing or energy production. Main activity is determined by assessing the principal source of revenue of the firm based on a European standard classification known as NACE. The MII respondent panel is made up of firms with twenty or more employees.

Who are the users of the data?

Results are sent to Eurostat, the EU statistical office, for inclusion in European totals.  Within the CSO, the National Accounts section uses industrial statistics when compiling macroeconomic estimates. The statistics from our industrial surveys also contribute to the calculation of the Wholesale Price Index.

External users of the data include economic analysts (such as ESRI), financial analysts and academic researchers.


The details given in the surveys are strictly confidential. This is guaranteed by law, under the Statistics Act, 1993. Individual details cannot be given in an identifiable form to any other person or organisation.