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How are the results published?

The CIP results are published in aggregate form and are available in a number of different cross tabulations. The results can be viewed by NACE sector or by geographical region with data available on items such as turnover, employment, value added, stocks, and capital assets.

The PRODCOM/ Irish Industrial Production by Sector survey results comprise a breakdown of sales value and volume by industrial sector (NACE) and by product categories (known as Prodcom codes).

The MII results are published in index form.  The index is given a value of 100 at a point in time known as the base period.  for industrial production and turnover, the base period is the year 2010.  The monthly index has shown how much production or turnover has changed since the base period.  The industrial production index records the change in the volume of production.  The industrial turnover index records the change in the value of turnover at current prices.  These indices are calculated for a wide range of industrial sectors.

Where are the Industrial Statistics published?

The results are available on our website.

The CSO Database Direct services also allows you to download or print selected statistics. Comparable EU and International data is available from the OECD and Eurostat websites.