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What are industrial statistics?

Industrial statistics measure a variety of different characteristics about the mining, manufacturing and energy producing sectors of the Irish economy. Broadly speaking these characteristics relate to employment, turnover, value added and the volume of production. There are three major surveys: the Monthly Industrial Inquiry, the Census of Industrial Production and the PRODCOM/ Irish Industrial Production by Sector.

When are the statistics collected and reported?

The Monthly Industrial Inquiry (MII) is collected on a monthly basis and provisional estimates are published within 35 days of the end of reference period. Final results for each reference period are reported in the following month.

The Census of Industrial Production (CIP) is an annual survey. The information collected relates to the year of reference.  Normally early estimates are produced for a limited number of characteristics after ten months and the final results are published for the full range of characteristics within eighteen months from the end of the reference period.

The PRODCOM/ Irish Industrial Production by Sector is also an annual survey, it records more detailed information on industrial products. Full publication of the results usually takes place within a year of the end of the reference period.