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Press Statement

Additional data on Ireland's response to the Ukraine crisis

CSO press statement, , 11am

CSO makes more data available on Ireland’s response to the Ukraine crisis

Exactly one year since the invasion of Ukraine began, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) has today (24 February 2023) published additional data on Ireland’s response to the Ukrainian crisis which will provide greater insight for all.

From today, the CSO is making additional tables publicly available on our hub Ireland & Ukraine: Ireland's Relationship with Ukrainian People and their Economy. The data, which will be updated regularly, will provide insight on various areas such as accommodation; broad location of arrivals; social welfare schemes and services; primary and secondary education; medical cards issued; and employment. The data will assist in informing Irish society and policymakers.

The CSO is continually developing the Hub, which already provides up to date information on arrivals from Ukraine to Ireland and our economic relationship with Ukraine.

These statistics are used to inform the whole of Government Humanitarian Response to Ukraine which is headed up at national level by a Cabinet Committee which meets frequently and is chaired by the Taoiseach.  The Cabinet Committee is in turn supported by a Senior Officials Group which meets on a weekly basis.

The statistics are sourced from a range of public sector bodies including the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth; Department of Health; Department of Social Protection; Department of Education; Department of Justice; and the Health Service Executive.

Since May 2022, the CSO has published a regular Frontier Series of releases called Arrivals from Ukraine in Ireland, which also provide insights into Ireland’s response to the Ukrainian crisis. Some of the aggregate data provided to the SOG features in the CSO’s Arrival from Ukraine in Ireland series, the latest of which, Series 9, has also been published today.

Editor's Note

The full list of tables is:

  • Summary metrics for eligible PPSNs issued
  • Number and location (based on PPSN allocations data) of arrivals from Ukraine by LEA
  • Number and location (based on PPSN allocations data) of arrivals from Ukraine by county
  • PPSN allocations of arrivals from Ukraine by sex and age
  • Temporary Protection granted to arrivals from Ukraine
  • Medical cards issued to arrivals from Ukraine
  • Unaccompanied minors from Ukraine referred to Tusla
  • Number of employments of arrivals from Ukraine by NACE sector
  • Employments and employees among arrivals from Ukraine
  • Beneficiaries of social welfare payments among arrivals from Ukraine
  • Arrivals from Ukraine who enrolled in education by level of education
  • Allocation of DCEDIY accommodation for Beneficiaries of Temporary Protection (BoTPs)
  • Marital status of arrivals from Ukraine aged 18 years and over


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