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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Air and Sea Travel Statistics

November 2021

Direction201920202021 Change
NovemberNovemberOctoberNovember MonthlyAnnual Biennial
  '000 %
Departures1,328.496.8895.1785.0 -12.3%710.9%-40.9%

Overseas travel decreases in November

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In November 2021 there were 785,800 overseas passenger arrivals and 785,000 overseas passenger departures. These compare with 925,500 arrivals and 895,100 departures in October 2021 (decreases of 15.1% and 12.3% respectively) and with 103,900 arrivals and 96,800 departures in November 2020 (increases of 656.7% and 710.9% respectively). However, overseas travel in November 2021 was approximately 40% less than pre-pandemic November 2019, when there were 1,351,400 arrivals and 1,328,400 departures.

Of the 785,800 persons arriving in Ireland in November 2021, 96.0% (754,500) arrived by air and 4.0% (31,300) arrived by sea. Of the 785,000 persons departing Ireland, 95.5% (749,700) departed by air and 4.5% (35,400) departed by sea (See Tables 1A and 1B).

The continental route accounted for most passenger traffic, with 52.4% of arrivals (412,000) and 50.6% of departures (397,300). The cross-channel route was next busiest, with 39.9% of arrivals (313,800) and 41.1% of departures (322,700). The transatlantic route saw just 4.8% of arrivals (37,300) and 5.9% of departures (46,700) (See Figure 2 and Tables 2A and 2B).

Apart from Great Britain (which accounted for all cross-channel activity in November 2021), Spain proved the most important routing country, with 94,700 arrivals and 85,700 departures. Germany was the next most important routing country with 45,800 arrivals and 47,500 departures.

For the year-to-date (January-November), 4,263,000 persons arrived in Ireland from overseas and 4,289,300 persons departed. This compares with 4,295,800 arrivals and 4,273,800 departures in the same period in 2020, and 18,771,100 arrivals and 18,821,600 departures in the same period in 2019.

The collection of Tourism Statistics at air and sea ports was suspended in March 2020, to protect CSO enumerators and the travelling public. As a result, the details of travel to Ireland classified by country of residence, which were previously presented in the monthly Overseas Travel release, are no longer collected and that release is indefinitely suspended. To help fill the data gap, the CSO is publishing this Air and Sea Travel Statistics release which reports on the numbers of overseas travellers arriving and departing Ireland classified by travel route. The information is compiled primarily from statistics provided by the DAA (Cork and Dublin airports), together with data from other airports and sea ferry operators. The CSO will continue publishing this Air and Sea Travel Statistics release for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis.