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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Quarterly International Investment Position and External Debt

Quarter 3 2018

€ billion
 30 Jun 201830 Sep 2018
General Government15.1145.9-130.825.0155.0-130.0
Monetary Authority48.117.630.547.018.029.0
Monetary Financial Institutions745.8707.938.0734.4692.242.2
Other Financial Intermediaries3,301.43,217.783.73,360.93,273.687.3
Non-Financial Companies747.21,204.5-457.4782.41,233.4-451.0
Total 4,857.65,293.7-436.14,949.85,372.2-422.4

Net IIP liability of €422 billion at end-September 2018

Quarterly International Investment Position and External Debt September 2018 Fig 1
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At 30th September 2018, Ireland's quarterly international investment position (IIP) results show overall stocks of foreign financial assets of €4,950bn - an increase of €92bn on the end-June 2018 level, while the corresponding stocks of foreign financial liabilities increased by €79bn to €5,372bn over the quarter. Irish residents had an overall net foreign liability of €422bn at end-September 2018, a decrease of €14bn in the net foreign liability level at end-June 2018 - see Table 1(a).