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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Information Society Statistics - Households


Households with access to the internet
% of households

89% of households have access to the internet at home

Figure 1 Percentage of households with internet access
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Summary of main findings:

  • It is estimated that, in 2017, 89% of households have access to the internet at home, an increase of two percentage points on 2016. See table 1a and figure 1.
  • The main reasons stated for not having a household internet connection were Do not need internet (45%) and Lack of skills (43%). See table 1c.
  • In 2017, 81% of internet users used the internet in the three months prior to interview. See table 2a.
  • Finding information on goods and services (86%) was the most common activity carried out on the internet by individuals. The next most common activities selected were E-mail (85%), followed by Social networking (72%) and Internet banking (71%). See table 3a.
  • The most common types of goods or services purchased by internet users were Clothes or sports goods (44%). The next most common types of internet purchases were Holiday accommodation and Tickets for events, both at 37%, followed by Other travel arrangements at 36%. See table 4a.
  • 52% of internet users stated that they used storage space on the internet to store files electronically, an increase of seven percentage points on 2016 (45%). See table 5.