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CSO statistical release, , 11am

Cross Border Shopping Survey

Quarter 1 2018

 Percentage of households who did cross border shoppingTotal expenditure (€'000s) on cross border shopping

Estimated cross border shopping spend of €458 million

Figure 1 Households who made shopping trips to Northern Ireland
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The Cross Border Shopping survey was included in the General Household Survey (GHS) in the first quarter (January to March) of 2018. One member of each household answered questions on behalf of the household about travel to Northern Ireland in the previous 12 months and specifically about shopping in Northern Ireland. The questions on shopping in Northern Ireland focused on how much households spent and the frequency of shopping trips. Online purchases are not included.

The regional groupings in this release are presented on the basis of the old NUTS 3 or regional groupings, so Louth remains in the Border region for the purposes of this release.

Summary of main findings

  • It is estimated that total household expenditure on shopping in Northern Ireland in the 12 months to Quarter 1 2018 was €458 million.
  • The average amount spent by households on shopping on their most recent shopping trip to Northern Ireland was €275.
  • 14% of households made at least one shopping trip to Northern Ireland in the 12 months before the Q1 2018 survey.
  • One fifth of households in Dublin shopped in Northern Ireland during the 12 months prior to the Q1 2018 survey.
  • 88% of shopping trips were same-day visits.
  • Households in the Border region who shop in Northern Ireland, have an average of almost 16 shopping trips a year.

Users should note that the survey instrument used to carry out the Cross-Border Shopping survey has changed since the survey was last carried out in Q2 2010, when it was carried out as a module of the Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS). The Labour Force Survey (LFS) has now replaced the QNHS. With this change, surveys previously carried out as modules of the QNHS, are now carried out as part of the General Household Survey (GHS). This change has affected sample size. Achieved sample size for the Q1 2018 survey was 5,291 households. Further information is available in the Background Notes.