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This release has been compiled during the COVID-19 crisis. The results contained in this release may reflect some of the impact of the COVID-19 situation. Similar results, where no indistrual disputes occured or were in progress in the reporting quarter were published prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the last occurrence being Q3 2015.

CSO statistical release, , 11am

Industrial Disputes

Quarter 2 2020

 Disputes in Progress
 DisputesWorkersDays lost
Q2 2019310,5057,693
Q1 2020421,97519,912
Q2 2020000

No days lost to industrial disputes in second quarter of 2020

Figure 1 Days lost per quarter
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During the second quarter of 2020 there were no days lost to industrial disputes. No disputes began or were in progress in this period. This is the first quarter since Q3 2015 that no days were lost to industrial disputes in a quarter. See table 1.

There were three disputes during the same period last year which resulted in 7,693 days lost.


Table 1 Industrial Disputes which began or were in progress in each quarter, 2012-2020
 Disputes in progress
YearQuarterDisputes which began1Number of disputes 2Number of firms involved (2,3)Number of workers involved 2Total days lost
2012Quarter 111175161
 Quarter 23331,4457,754
 Quarter 3111400571
 Quarter 400000
 Total 20125551,9208,486
2013Quarter 1222107228
Quarter 23332,4083,417
Quarter 33443,0326,718
 Quarter 44556,3944,602
 Total 201312121211,92414,965
2014Quarter 1222178310
 Quarter 26771,6818,014
 Quarter 32443,41210,914
 Quarter 413327,09224,777
 Total 201411111131,66544,015
2015Quarter 124427,58824,056
 Quarter 223310,1008,792
 Quarter 300000
 Quarter 422272116
 Total 201569937,76032,964
2016Quarter 14444,8285,115
 Quarter 21222551,127
 Quarter 33333,36214,270
 Quarter 422221,17751,135
 Total 201610101029,37271,647
2017Quarter 15554,43521,415
 Quarter 213n/a2,41720,312
 Quarter 323n/a8762,131
 Quarter 42334,2716,333
 Total 20171010n/a9,45650,191
2018Quarter 1111300290
 Quarter 23338671,907
 Quarter 34555851,616
 Quarter 4122217232
 Total 20189991,8044,045
2019Quarter 133332,40027,415
 Quarter 223310,5057,693
 Quarter 3122545389
 Quarter 4344251n/a
 Total 201999942,656n/a
2020Quarter 1434421,97519,912
 Quarter 200000
1 See Scope and Days Lost in Background Notes for more information on criteria for inclusion of disputes.
2 The quarterly totals in these columns will not always add to the annual total since an Industrial Dispute can be in progress in more than one quarter.
3 Total number of firms not available as the CSO was unable to establish the number of firms involved in one industrial dispute in the Construction sector in Q2 and Q3 2017.
4 Number of workers and days lost estimated and subject to revision.

Background Notes


The information on Industrial Disputes is based on details supplied by the Industrial Relations Section, Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation ( and on information collected directly from other sources by the Central Statistics Office.


Disputes are included in this release if they involve a stoppage of work lasting for at least one day and the total time lost is 10 or more person-days.

Days Lost

In calculating days lost, it is assumed that work would have continued if no dispute had occurred. No allowance is made for loss of work from unemployment or other causes (such as bad weather) which might have happened even if there was no dispute. The number of days lost is calculated by multiplying the number of persons involved by the number of normal working days during which they were involved in the dispute. Persons working for approximately 40 hours per week are assumed to be working the equivalent of a 5 day week even if the work is spread over more than 5 days.

Disputes in Progress

The table shows data on disputes which began and disputes which were in progress in each quarter. The quarterly figures for the number of disputes in progress and for the number of firms and workers involved will not always add to the annual total, since an industrial dispute can be in progress in more than one quarter.

Prior to Q4 2019, industrial disputes which began and which were in progress in each quarter were classified by Economic Sector (NACE Rev 2). From Q4 2019, this classification is no longer available and only the number of firms, number of workers involved and numbers of days lost will be available for industrial disputes which begin and are in progress on a quarterly basis.                                                                                      

Reference Quarters

The reference quarters for Industrial Disputes results are:

Q1 - January to March, Q2 - April to June, Q3 - July to September and Q4 - October to December.

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