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Date Last Updated: 27-03-2018

Survey Name:

Industrial Disputes

Survey purpose:

To provide quarterly data on the number of industrial disputes which began or were in progress, together with the number of firms and workers involved, during any given calendar quarter.

Legislative Basis National:

Not applicable

Legislative Basis European:

Not applicable



Statistical Population:

Population of industrial disputes which began or were in progress during a given quarter.

Sampling Frame:

Not applicable

Reference Area:

State level

Time Coverage:


Base Period:

Sector Coverage:

All enterprises which have an industrial dispute which involve a stoppage of work lasting for at least one day and the total time lost is ten days or more.

Survey Size:

Number of industrial disputes which began or were in progress during a given quarter, (usually less than 30 disputes).

Principal Variables:

Disputes begun, disputes in progress, number of firms involved, number of workers (full-time and part-time) involved.

Principal External Users:

Government, business, economists, policy makers, Eurostat, national media - journalists, academics etc.

Contact Organisation:

Central Statistics Office

Business Area:

Social & Demographic Statistics

Contact Person:

Catalina Gonzalez

Contact Person Function:


Other Business Area Specialists:

Mairead Regan, Mary Bracken and Martina O'Callaghan

Contact email:

Contact phone number:

(+353) 21 453 5000