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Background Notes

Investment in foreign securities rose to €4.5 trillion at end-2021

Online ISSN: 2009-6747
CSO statistical publication, , 11am

This release updates the annual (end-December) series on foreign portfolio asset stock statistics introduced in October 2003. These figures result from the CSO’s ongoing participation in the bi-annual Co-ordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS) conducted by the IMF. The information is compiled on the basis of the IMF’s methodological recommendations described in its Co-ordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Guide. This methodology is designed to harmonise the timing and valuation conventions used by all countries participating in the survey. The results are conceptually consistent with the International Investment Position (IIP) statistics on foreign assets published by the CSO. Therefore, the compilation methodology, which is designed to meet the recommendations of the IMF’s Balance of Payments Manual - 6th Edition (BPM6) concerning compilation of international investment position statistics, is essentially the same for both series.

The CPIS is concerned with portfolio investment stock statistics for equities and long-term (i.e. bonds and notes) and short-term (i.e. money market instruments) debt securities. The results are classified by country of issue of the securities and are also cross-classified by type of financial instrument, and by sector of holder.

For more detailed information see Resident Holdings Of Foreign Portfolio Securities

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